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Speaking by Philippa

Are you looking for a motivational speaker who believes with a burning passion that anything is possible?


An energetic and engaging host for your next conference?


A keynote speaker on the forefront of media intelligence, marketing strategy and digital transformation?


Or a panellist that brings fresh insights and expertise to any panel discussion?


I'm an experienced speaker in both marketing and motivation, and in everything from online webinars, to major summits.


I believe in the power of storytelling. For every engagement, I bring passion, authenticity and vulnerability to connect with the audience.



Topics I speak on


  • Social Media Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Media intelligence

  • Digital Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Public Relations

  • Personal Branding


  • How to Break Through the Fear and Realise Your True Potential

  • From Goal-Setting to Goal-Smashing: How to Achieve What You’ve Always Dreamed

  • How to Make a Difference: Activism in the Age of Social Media


●    Entrepreneurship
●    Leadership
●    Women in Tech
●    Social Justice Activism
●    Owning Your Career
●    Women Empowerment
●    Goal-Setting

What an absolute powerhouse! Philippa presented at one of my chapter events and our venue was a sell-out. Phil shares her trials and triumphs, no holds barred and has been a source of inspiration to me personally, as well as to many of our female entrepreneurs, supporters of the Future Females movement and just lovers of life in general. 

She is living proof that if you channel your energy wholeheartedly into your passion(s), you will achieve amazing results for your organisation, business, the causes and communities your champion for - and may even surprise yourself!

Geanné Gelderblom,

 Founder and Chief Solutions Officer at The Happy Human Capital Company

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